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Loose covers for photography services


We manufacture a wide range of covers for photographic studio professionals, from the simplest  cover to the most sophisticated. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our catalog, tell us, and we’ll manufacture an exclusive design for you. This way you’ll be able to meet all your client’s needs  no matter what.
Our covers are ready for mounting inner blocks with standard sizes. When ordering, we can adjust to the exact size you want, at no extra charge.


Create your own design

We offer a wide variety of covers for digital albums for all tastes, however, if you cannot find “the album” you are looking for, tell us, we’ll create a design that fits the album that you seek.

Your total satisfaction is our priority, who knows, maybe someday we’ll create the first round photo album on earth.

See our color chart


Create your trademark from the beginning

Trademarks and signatures in setoff:

We can manufacture covers for digital albums with the mark/signature of the photographer, artist, client  engraved on the cover or the back cover.  You only have to pay for the cliche once (30€),  then the engraving service is for free.

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