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Libreto photo album


The Libreto photo album is specially designed for family albums, books of signatures and small events. It is characterized by its simplicity,  borderless printing finished  cover and the inside book with a high quality “sand” laminated. Its dedign enhance your creativity

The interior of the digital photo album is a high quality finish mounted manually following the same procedure for all our digital albums. Opening 180 ° so that it can easily visualizedn by the whole family. Traditional chemical development with our photo paper specially designed to be handled  without suffering any deterioration over the years.

One of the great advantages of our craft work is that we can manually make your libreto photo album  in any size and orientation, everyone available in our online software.

Undoubtedly this Libreto photo album, is the best choice for your holiday memories last a lifetime.


Cover Material:  Custom Laminated Picture
Front cover thickness:  2.5mm
Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm
Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages
Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending on design
Available sizes (cm.):  24×30, 30×30
Double-page images:  Yes
Free software:  Yes
Assembly modes:  Digital




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