Golden Wedding Album Gustavson

golden wedding album

Gustavson the golden wedding album, designed for great commemorations . High quality finish and craftsmanship work merge  in a perfect album to treasure the memories of a lifetime.

With its black and gold finish, we recommend this model especially for major events. Weddings and golden weddings. We manufacture all sizes and two types of interior:

The interior with digital photos, a modern finish, pages with integrated pictures, opening at 180º (can prepare it using our online software) or , if you prefer, we can manufacture custom album covers with the image you want and inside quality cardboard sheets with separate silk paper (see analogical albums) so you can paste the photos in the traditional manner.

By default, we manufacture the album as the picture avobe, but if you want you can select different colors and convert this calssical digital photo book  in a bold album with a unique design “View color chart and materials“. If you wish we can take care of even the layout process of the images, you simply send the pictures in the correct order and we take care of everything.

  • Professional product
  • Gustavson, the Golden Wedding album.
  • Black frame, over golden cover.
  • Luxury effect.

Cover Material:  Leatherette and laminated picture
Cover colors:  Golden and black
Extras:  Engraved back cover
Front cover thickness:  Padded 5mm
Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm
Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages)
Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending on design
Available sizes (cm):  24×24, 24×30, 30×30, 35×35, 30×40
Double-page images:  yes
Free software:  Yes
Assembly modes:  Digital, Pre-digitalAnalogical and Only Covers


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