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Any order from a product of the online store of the website https://www.miratge.com requires the prior consultation of the General Sale Conditions.

Consequently, the consumer is perfectly informed that its agreement on the content of these General Sale Conditions does not require the handwritten signature of this document, insofar as the consumer wishes to buy products online at the store of the Web page. The consumer has the possibility to save or edit these General Conditions, knowing that the copying or edition of this document is of their exclusive responsibility.

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The consumer declares having full legal capacity that allows him to commit to these General Conditions.

Mirage reserves the right to modify at any time the general conditions of sale.

Article 1: Integrality

These general conditions express the integrity of the obligations of the parties. This agreement is stipulated between Miratge and a consumer for a system of distance sales.

In this sense, it is considered that the consumer accepts, without reservation, the integrality of the provisions set forth in these Conditions. No general or specific condition that appears in the documents sent or delivered by the consumer can not be incorporated into these documents, as they would be incompatible with the general conditions of sale.

Article 2: Object

These General Conditions are intended to define the rights and obligations of the parties in the framework of the sale of goods offered by Miratge al Consumidor.

The consumer, prior to their order, declares that the acquisition of these products is directly related to their professional activity.

Article 3: Contractual documents

This contract is made up of the following contractual documents submitted by descending hierarchical order:

– These General Conditions

– The document regarding the protection of personal data

– The list of fees for product shipping costs

– The order form

In the case of a contradiction between the content of documents of different rank, the one with the highest rank document will prevail.

Article 4: Entry into force – duration

These General Conditions shall enter into force on the date of confirmation of the order form. These General Conditions are valid for the time necessary for the supply of the subscribed goods, until the expiration of the guarantees legally owed by the seller.

Article 5: Confirmation of the order

Contract information will be subject to a confirmation by email at the time of delivery of the order or, if not, to the address indicated by the consumer on the order form.

Article 6: Proof of the transaction

Computerized records, stored in the Miranda computer system under reasonable security conditions, will be considered as evidence of communication, orders and payments between the parties. Forms and invoices are archived in a reliable and durable manner, and may be used as proof.

However, Miratge will not, in any case, be liable for any loss of this data due to an incident that is not responsible.

Article 7: Information about the products

Article 7.1:

Miratge presents, on its website, the products for sale with the necessary characteristics that allow the potential consumer to know the essential elements of the products that he wants to buy, before the final order.

The descriptions, characteristics and illustrations of our products are carried out with great care. However, there may be errors or changes may be made by Miratge. These facts can not, under any circumstances, be responsible, nor affect the validity of the sale.

Article 7.2:

The offers presented online are only valid until the stock is exhausted. If the item is not available, the order will be impossible; If there is an error, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Article 8: Price

Prices are indicated in euros. They do not take into account the shipping costs, billed in an additional way and indicated before the validation of the order. The prices do not include the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the VAT rate will automatically reflect the prices of the online store. Under no circumstances may payments be considered as reservations or advances.

In the case of a sale in export, the taxes in force in the country of the buyer will be in charge of it.

The sale prices of the products can be modified by Miratge at any time.

Article 9: Payment method

Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer or by bank transfer within 15/30 days.

Article 10: Availability of products

In case the requested product is not able to fulfill an order the consumer will be informed immediately, and will have the option to cancel the order or to change it. In case the order is canceled, any payment that could have been made in advance will be returned.

Article 11: Delivery modes

The products are delivered to the address specified by the customer in the purchase order throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Any anomaly related to the delivery (fault, missing product in relation to the order, damaged package, broken products, …) must be indicated, compulsorily, on the delivery form as “handwritten reservations”, together with the client’s signature.

Likewise, the consumer must confirm this anomaly by means of a certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt stating their claims. Said mail must be delivered to the carrier within two (2) working days following the date of receipt of the order.

In addition, the consumer must send a copy of such mail by simple mail to Miratge

The buyer must check the condition of the package and the number of packages delivered in the presence of the delivery person. In case of doubt, you must reject the package and report these incidents to Miratge

Article 12: Delivery errors

Any claim of delivery error and / or non-conformity with the products with respect to the quality or nature of the same, in relation to the information of the order form, must be indicated to Miratge the same day of the delivery or, more take, the first working day following the delivery. Any claim made after this date will be rejected.

The claim must be made through the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Article 13: Shipping costs

Shipping costs are indicated and added to the total sum of each order made by the consumer. The total sum of the shipping costs will be adjusted according to the destination of each order.

Article 14: Computer Law and Freedoms

The information collected is necessary to process your order and the sending of any other information by Miratge. If you no longer wish to receive more commercial offers, you only have to cancel the subscription to the newsletter.

Article 15: Partial Disability

If one or more provisions of these general conditions are considered invalid or declared invalid by application of a law, a regulation or after a final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions will be in full force and scope.

Article 16: No waiver

The fact that one of the parties does not claim the breach by the other of any of the obligations set forth in these Conditions will be construed in the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.

Article 17: Applicable law

These general conditions are ruled by the Spanish Law. This applies to both the background rules and the form rules. In case of litigation or complaint, the consumer will be directed primarily to Miratge for a friendly solution.

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