Ideas to make digital photo album

The layout program is easy and intuitive to use, the pages come preconfigured so that in a few minutes you can make an album, or if you want you can easily change the design of the templates. You just have to fill in the holes in the pages with your images, add text and background color.

For those who enjoy designing their album we have prepared these ideas which by manipulating the images, texts and backgrounds will help you obtain a better result


The text

Define and extend the experiences reflected in our photographs, while we use it as an element to enhance the images and beautify the pages.

Add text by clicking the ADD TEXT icon located at the top of the screen. In the pop-up menu you can choose type, size, color, thickness of the letters.

SCROLL THE TEXT by clicking on the center of the writing and dragging it across the screen. TILT the text by clicking and dragging the little circle located at the top of the rectangle


I have chosen a large font size and on the page, the letters remain the same.

-Close the cursor on one of the circles of the rectangle that contains your writing and drag it to the desired size


To enhance the text once you have it to your liking copy and paste, change the color of one of the layers and move it a little, this will increase the feeling of relief.

[symple_spacing size=”85px”]
[symple_spacing size=”50px”]

The images

Add photographs by clicking the icon add picture box, ERASE photographs with the delete key, to convert a color photograph to WHITE AND BLACK once selected click the effects icon located at the top of the screen with the circles around the image you can vary the SIZE AND INCLINATION and with the squares THE POSITION


To obtain a professional result, place the best large and bloody photographs (images that fill the entire page, photograph without borders) with the edges of the image outside the printing area (note the cut of the page between the two lines that border the templates)


Once you have selected an image, click on the icon to add a FRAME to it. You have different thicknesses, shapes and the possibility of adding shadows. Attention if you use frames make sure that the image fills the entire space or there is a gap between the image and the frame.


To put frames equal to more than one photograph, select them by holding the uppercase key and apply the desired frame to all at once.


The Bottom

Change the BACKGROUND COLOR by pressing the “Backgrounds” tab located at the top of the menu, place a BACKGROUND PHOTOGRAPH by dragging it and placing it in the upper left corner of the work area, where a green arrow will appear. By default the background images are at 30% opacity, you can adjust this parameter from the menu that emerges by clicking on the background image.


You can change the effects applied to the background image by selecting it and pressing the effects icon located at the top of the screen.


Digital Album Hanna


Digital photo Album Hanna
  • Professional product
  • Bicolor leatherette and custom photogarphy
  • Special first communions

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