The “Vintage” are back

analogicLately we have seen an increasing demand for analog albums (scrapping book). vintage from before, with cardboard inside.

These albums also allow you to paste photographs, include entries, writings, stamps, stamps or anything else.

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For those who want to join the trend we offer our extensive catalog, all made to measure with the cover personalized with their images.

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Characteristics of analog albums:

Cover to choose from our sample

Size 24×24 to 35×35 / 30X40 cms

Interiors in quality cardboard in silk or black

Separators of silk between the leaves.

From 10 to 80 sheets / 20 to 160 pages.

An Original Digital Album

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This original digital album, we liked it so much that with the permission of its owner, Iolanda Triadó, we show it as an example of how important is a good design / idea at the moment of preparing the cover of a digital album.

This is the digital album, model Burriac, by default it comes with a pre configured template that allows to put multiple images and text spread across the front, spine and back. The results obtained with our templates is already very good,  but this album Iolanda  has decided to use a set of images covering the entire book thus achieving a more original  personalized digital transmitting much more strength.

Álbum diigital original, vsta superior



In this case the image for the cover was mailed (could de by FTP as well) but templates are already prepared to insert a background image and thus replace the entire layout.

To insert a background image have to drag the image right in the area of approximately 1 cm. next left upper cover templates (Model Burriach / Cadí). Please note, if you use a background image must be taken into account to modify the opacity, by default background images are adjusted to 30%. To modify it and bring it to 100% just activate the pop-up menu that appears when you click on the image and adjust the opacity.


Álbum digital original

Thank you very much Iolanda Triadó for allowing  us to show your design as an example of a good job.


Álbum digital original, detalle esquina

Libreto photo album



Libreto1200 sol


Libreto photo album


The Libreto photo album is specially designed for family albums, books of signatures and small events. It is characterized by its simplicity,  borderless printing finished  cover and the inside book with a high quality “sand” laminated. Its dedign enhance your creativity

The interior of the digital photo album is a high quality finish mounted manually following the same procedure for all our digital albums. Opening 180 ° so that it can easily visualizedn by the whole family. Traditional chemical development with our photo paper specially designed to be handled  without suffering any deterioration over the years.

One of the great advantages of our craft work is that we can manually make your libreto photo album  in any size and orientation, everyone available in our online software.

Undoubtedly this Libreto photo album, is the best choice for your holiday memories last a lifetime.


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