Albumes diseño

Digital Album Aufidi

Synthetic materials Sewn leatherette and aluminum combination.

Digital Album B&N

Three pieces assembled leatherette covers, black and white combination. Characterized by sobriety and symmetric line.

Digital Album Jumanji

Professional product High quality materials. Daring elegance.

Digital Album Zoe

Professional product White leatherette covers adorned with velvet flowers. Original, floral.

Digital Album Ice

Professional product White leatherette cover adorned with stitched stripes. White, bright, clean and very classy.

Digital Album Sagaró

  Professional product High quality orange leatherette with titanium effect band. Sewn.

Digital Album Ángel

  Professional product Customizable, white or pink  leatherette, Matching stitches. Simplicity.

Digital Album Créme

  professional product  One piece cover , brown flowered velvet beige leatherette. Cream, smoothness.

Leather Album Wei

This is a leather album which highlights the elegance and proportionality in their lines. Made with high quality bonded leather that gives the album the natural feel of the leather. The regenerated leather is characterized by great strength and a great capacity for engraving, allowing deep and perfect engraving of  logo highlighted in the skin texture. … Read more

Digital Classy Album Llobregat

Professional product Chocolate brown three pieces assembled leatherette covers. Traditional.

Digital Album Bond

  Professional product  Black leatherette and vertical image three pieces assembled album, classic These digital albums are already a classic, though its main use is for weddings can also be used for other purposes: album for anniversaries, trips etc.

Digital Album Volumnia

Professional product Combination of burlap and leatherette.

Digital Album Matrix

Professional product Tapa sintética con textura piramidal. Synthetic material 3D effect. The picture becomes highlighted. Features Cover Material:  Synthetic Cover colors:  Black, silver Extras: Front cover thickness:  Padded 5mm Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages) Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending on design Available sizes … Read more

Digital Album Grant

Professional product Chocolate brown sewn leatherette. Elegance.

Digital Album Corinto

  Sewn maroon leatherette. Titanium effect motif. Tradition.

Digital Album Wite

  Professional product Silver motif over white leatherette Simplicity and elegance.

Digital Album Fluvià

  Professional product Light brown or black cover. Sewn leatherette. Three pieces assembled. Classic.

Digital Album Fibro

Professional product Material shiny paper fiber, detail in aluminum and custom photo, Available in two colors.

Digital Album Harry

  Professional product Two color leatherette special communion photo book. Customized cover.

Digital Album Rubí

Digital Wedding Album Rubí Professional product Ruby or white leatherette. Decorative stitching. Design, passion, intensity. Features Cover Material:  Leatherette Cover colors:  Red, off white Extras:  Engraved back cover Front cover thickness:  Padded 5mm Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages) Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending … Read more

Digital Album Latorre

Professional product Sinthetyc material mixture, sewn. Leatherette and paper fiber. Sober.

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