Our Commitment

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Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers, we are proud of the work we do and we like that each album we make stands out above average for its finish and quality.
We guarantee 100% the quality of our work. In the event that there is an error in manufacturing that escapes our controls, our commitment is to remove the product and send it back in perfect condition in the shortest possible time.
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The warranty DOES NOT COVER DESIGN CHANGES OR MODELS. Our commitment is to deliver the work as requested and in perfect condition. In the case of having to repeat some work (during the guarantee) it is not allowed to make changes (of photos, models, order). If you want to change sheets or covers you can request a previous quote.
The warranty DOES NOT COVER BREAKS, DEFECTS OR SPOTS that may be due to use. It is essential, once you receive the order, to review that everything is in perfect condition and if not give notice right away.
The warranty DOES NOT COVER THE COLOR DIFFERENCES that may exist between the printing and what the user sees on the screen. For users who want to ensure maximum color management we offer a free service for sending printed samples.
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The management of color is a delicate issue, initially for a layman it may seem simple but in reality to become an expert in it is an art. If you have any questions, request a review of the work by calling 937 984 839 or requesting a printed sample by email
The images can be seen on monitors, projected or printed on a surface, each of these supports shows a range of different colors. Working with a calibrated monitor and with a correct management of colors will always obtain a result 100% according to what is a printing on photographic paper of chemical development.

The satisfaction of delivering quality work is our main objective.

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