Leather album Eder


  • Professional product
  • 100% genuine natural leather
  • Custom cover with photographic image.
  • Mounted on three pieces and sewn.
  • View leather album features

Leather album , a timeless product: classic and modern at once. Made in 100% natural leather. These albums meet the highest qualitative standards. They are hand made one to one selecting the best leather in order to ensure maximum beauty, quality and durability.


Cover Material:  Leather, photo.
Cover colors:  As picture
Extras:  Engraved
Front cover thickness:  Padded 5mm
Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm
Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages)
Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending on design
Available sizes (cm):  24×24, 24×30, 30×30, 35×35, 30×40
Double-page images:  yes
Free software:  Yes
Assembly modes:  Digital, Pre-digital, Analogical and Only Covers

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