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This digital album is the basic model we manufacture. Home spine and back are fully customizable with your own photos and text. The cover is printed using photographic paper and comes complete with a protective laminate finish.

Printing on traditional chemical development  paper and opening of the pages is 180 °. This photo book model is presented  with hard cover without quilting (4 mm thick) and without guards.

This digital album is recommended to collect travel photos, family, etc, etc.. We have many customers who use professionals to deliver reports or small studio photographs as this digital album gives the solution to the jobs that require professional print quality on economic support.

Customizable 100%. Design the cover with your own pictures.

  • Our basic model

How to customize 100% cover (Advanced Photoshop).

By default the edit template is configured to use your photos easily and you can easily whip up a front and back cover with an attractive design quality. But still, if what you want is a unique and fully customizable, you can do it this way: you have to prepare an image with the desired design with the size of the whole album and place it as a background image. Do not forget to set the tone at 100% from editing tools.

Cover Material:  Laminated photo-paper
Cover colors:
Front cover thickness:  Hard covers 4mm
Pages thickness:  30 sheets 24mm
Recommended number of pages:  From 9 to 35 sheets (18-70 pages)
Number of pictures:  Open templates. Depending on design
Available sizes (cm.):  24×24, 24×30, 30×30, 35×35, 30×40
Double-page images:  yes
Free software:  Yes
Assembly modes:
 Digital, Pre-digital, Analogical and Only Covers

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