Boudoir albums, Black Book

Album Boudoir thought from the beginning for high quality photo shoots. Using sober while warm materials we get a plus of quality to the images.




Boudoir photography is becoming more popular every day. There are many people who embark on a Boudoir session as a gift for themselves, as a special gift for their partners or as a sensual pre-wedding session. They are photographs with great taste and elegance and that is why they deserve an album that is at the same height.

We have created a line of Boudoir albums, inspired by the mythical “Black Book”, also adding red and white, with a bow for those who want to give it a different touch or with a brooch for those who want something more sophisticated, without forgetting the sobriety and simplicity of the Little Black Book.

All our albums are handmade one by one starting from scratch, and taking care of the smallest details. Using high quality natural materials we ensure the creation of a unique object, a luxury item that gives the photographs of your interior a plus of value.

An impeccable presentation, is the way that your customers value your work, at the same time you make sure to leave the report in a support that in the future will bring you new orders. (all our albums incorporate the logo of your company or signature without charge

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